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the Stark family (green) → asked by flushwithcash

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omfg. i just found this in my ask on my other blog.

what is life.

guys, who ever sent this, please stand up.


OH MY SWEET SUMMER CHILD ASFJKGNCVGHSDFAV the producers won’t kill him - (dead) we are talking about this oh yeah we are all just mad here but the producers won’t kill him. bless.

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Game of Thrones House Posters

‘He loved that helmet.’

what is dead may never die


30 Days of ASOIAF   |   Day No. 8: Most Exciting POV   |   Arya & Sansa (A Feast For Crows)

 ”A man pays his debts. A man owes three.”

          Game of Thrones Episodes: S02E03 - What Is Dead May Never Die

“They are the knights of summer, and winter is coming.”